Friday, April 25, 2008

Moose Heads

To follow up an earlier post, the Moose Head Hunt was held last night at the B.A.N.K. restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Nearly 30 Moorhead State University design alumni showed up to reconnect with old friends and pay tribute to "Moose", Professor Phil Mousseau. Those in attendance were, Karen Schwarz, Amy Crews, Bret Hummel, Michael Byzewski, Susan Hofmeister, John Tschohl, Cory and Jessica Docken, Chris Cornejo, Jeff Johnson, Cedric Hohnstadt, Mark Lofthus, Travis Olson, Jon and Amber Erickson, Brent Gale, Eric Vermilyea, Jason Rysavy, Karl Peters, Nicki McCracken and Charles Youel, Scott Thares, Sarah (Nelson) and Jon Forss, Barry McCullough, Roland Eidahl, Sandy Mousseau, along with my wife, Leah and I.

I was struck by how much impact one person can have in this world. This group was just a fraction of the talented designers that came through Phil's program... and yet these alumni are some of the most talented and successful designers in the Twin Cities.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

These photos were from my own camera. Sandy Mousseau shot many more and when I receive them, I'll update this post with selected images from her.


Cedric said...

Thanks for posting the pics. The party was a blast! Kudos to you, Sherwin, for pulling it all together.

jason rysavy said...

Thanks Sherwin for pulling this totally schwartzROCK!