Friday, January 25, 2013

ArmorQuest as an eBook

A long time ago I was a full-time comic book artist.  My favorite story to draw was ArmorQuest... which is soon to be released as an ebook. The publisher has produced a website ( and if you sign up, you can be in the running for a free book.  There are some free pages to view online with some more to be added in the future.  It's these side stories of ArmorQuest that have not been published before... and quite frankly were a lot of fun to draw.  

I'm not making any money off of these books, so please don't buy a copy on my account.  But, my kids liked the story a lot... or maybe they just liked their dad reading them a story. (:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Purposeful Parenting

Here's a logo for an event for a church outside of Minneapolis: Purposeful Parenting... P squared for short.

5-minute Logo

Von Glitschka is one of the most talented illustrative designers on the planet.  As a response to the commoditizing of logo design, he's offering a $5, 5-minute logo.  Of course I had to bite so below is my new logo. Just kidding.

Target Mascots

Here's a fun vector art illustration we created for Target to promote their Twins mascots.

Duffle Icons

One of the great things about my job is being asked to create icons.  Here's a batch of ideas I worked on for Target's Embark duffle bag packaging.  Icons are like little logos that need to communicate clearly at a small scale. It looks easy but I'm always challenged by the process.

More FPO work

Here's a variety of additional FPO work for Target.  Like I said in the previous post, this is throw away work, but lots of fun to work on.

Speed Racer

Since I can't show work until it is published, often times I just forget to post it on this blog.  This is just a small selection of FPO (for position only) work I did a while back for Target when Speed Racer came out.  This type of work is placed in their brochures, posters or online work for approval... then it's thrown away and replaced with photography. I may be odd, but I always get a kick working on projects like this.

Loaves and Fishes

Here's a quick design we did for a Christian t-shirt company in London.

Megachurch Logo

I wanted to finally share with you some of the logo designs we did for a large church in California.  We showed a wide range of ideas, but with such a long and common name, we tried to keep the icon of the logo their 4-letter acronym. I really liked how the letters built the lion icon.  Sadly, none of these were chosen.