Thursday, April 10, 2008

Missed The Mark

I was asked to produce one idea for a new investment company. From all of my questioning, I thought I had a bead on what the client wanted and needed... and I delivered this idea. The watering can, I thought, was a great metaphor for the tender care needed to grow investments. The client didn't agree.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Marilyn said...

For what it's worth I miss the mark at least twice daily. And that's just at work with a set of branding standards guiding me. I have worked on projects for four different clients so far today and I know at least one of them will be unhappy with what they got back.

Most of the time it's poor communication on BOTH sides. I have a lot of people ask for things they don't really want. Mostly because they want to use "corporate-speak" when asking for artwork. I don't always have time to prompt them to be more specific or use concrete words. So it's easy to make assumptions about their meaning.

I've still to figure out how to illustrate "innovation" and I've been trying for almost three years now.

Anyway, I thought your logo worked, I got "growing investments" out of it.