Friday, July 15, 2011

State Fair T-shirt Illustration

Anyone for some ostrich? We did this fun illustration of a pot-sticker loving ostrich for a State Fair booth. Their most popular entrees include pot-stickers, and ostrich on a stick! Make sure to stop by their booth to try some...

The hand-drawn pencils were scanned in and inked for the final look using a Cintiq-- Wacom's newest tablet featuring an LCD screen.

Autobots, roll out!

We put together this great Transformers poster for the new movie with a lot of help from Jonathan Koelsch. It features the mega-toy franchises' titular character "Optimus Prime".

Bullseye Games for Target!

This is another illustration given out on the back of an pamphlet for the Twins Games. The games are at night, so we had fun illustrating some fireworks and fancy lighting this time around.

New Logolounge marks published

The recently published Logolounge Master Library volume 3 was published, featuring 8 different marks by SGA.