Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Bible

A while back, I was asked to design the layout for a new kind of illustrated Bible to be published by Zondervan. The idea was similar to the now famous St. John's Bible, but with more of a fantasy art flavor. I used already existing samples of the artists' work for the mock layout, but all new art would be commissioned... if you notice the level of detail in these images, the idea of illustrating the whole Bible is staggering. My part was to create a layout that would be flexible to accommodate multiple compositions but yet still carry a strong visual theme from book to book. Be sure to click on each image for a larger view since there are a lot of nice details.

AIGA Design Award

It is sad to say that I've been in the design field for over 20 years and only last year joined AIGA. So, for the first year ever, I entered the annual design competition. Minneapolis is a hotbed for some of the best design firms in the nation... so I was very pleased to find out my stationery system won an award.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The House

As I've mentioned before, there weren't many upsides to my foray into Christian comic book publishing. One of the few benefits was meeting and working with Zondervan's Zonderkids publisher, Bruce Nuffer. He eventually left Zondervan and found himself at NPH (Nazarene Publishing House) where he was quickly asked to start a new entity to meet a demand for relevant material for the 20-something church.

Bruce's energy is addictive and I wanted to help. He needed a logo, so I offered to add ideas to the ones NPH's in-house design department was supplying. I found it challenging to incorporate the given name, "The House" which didn't add much value to their mission. None the less, here's the ideas I proposed.

Government Work

Have any of you ever been part of a government RFP? It's as you might imagine it to be. Recently I was asked to be one small cog in a proposal to converge the myriad of medical reports into one, efficient, secure data base. The project is overwhelming to think about, but I was honored by the request to be part of the communications team. The project lead felt we needed a logo to identify the team (much like the Justice League) so here's my attempt at creating a patriotic medical logo. No, we didn't apply it to spandex suits.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Embark Icons for Target

Years ago at Design Center in Minnetonka, MN, I worked with two incredibly talented designers, Jon Erickson and Eric Vermilyea. They have since moved on to do great things at Target's in-house design department. From time to time, they ask me to help them which is always a joy because they are both fun to work with and they always seem to have great projects. They asked me to help create the icons for a Target product line called Embark. Recently I was asked to expand the volume of icons but because of my workload and the deadline, I needed to bring in some help of my own. Fortunately, Paul Howalt (www.TactixCreative.com) was able to lend a hand.

It isn't everyday they I get to work with three master designers on a single job.