Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Did I mention you need to go to this event on January 13th?

Register here.

Calorie Conscience Icons

I was honored to be called into a nice project for a large weight loss campaign. Because of the wide variety of the subject matter, I tried to keep all of the marks with a strong circular feel using two consistent line widths.

Meet Mike

Here's a fun character I created for a long-term internal campaign. This guy was built as vector art so it can be used for print and animated web applications. Smart.


Coincidently, I've been asked by two different clients to create mainstreet illustrations.

Christian Comic Mastheads

Even though I'm not drawing comic books anymore, I've been asked to help a new company create some mastheads for their titles. The following are some recent designs with collaboration with Brad Thomas.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tiger Logo

As I've posted before, I really like to create marks that cannot be considered "clip art" logos. To accomplish this, I try to incorporate the text with the icon to a degree that it becomes unique. Below is a logo I created for a corporate sales conference. The top logo was my initial design. However, the client wanted an even more condensed version so I built the bottom mark.

Even now, I'm not sure which works better.

Hawley High School Jazz

Keith Wander, my high school band teacher asked me to create a logo for his Jazz band. He actually wanted to use the old logo for a Moorhead State Jazz Band which I had created back in college but by now wasn't being used anymore. I couldn't remember it so he sent me a picture of an old jacket which had the mark (shown below).

As you can see, looking at early work can be a bit embarrassing... but I did like the concept. So, I created a new mark with the same idea that will be more legible and efficient.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Evoledesign January 13, 2011

If you are involved in the Minnesota design community, you simply must attend this event.

Go online and register now to secure your seat at a historical event. Some of the greatest movers and shakers of the Minnesota design scene will be in one place to discuss the history and future of graphic design in Minnesota. We will have Peter Seitz, the grandfather of design in MN, along with other pioneers like Tim Eaton, Tim Larsen and Eric Madsen. In addition, we've brought in other design superstars like Joe Duffy, Monica Little, Bill Thorburn and Phyllis Aragaki to talk about the evolution of design from the early years to today. Finally, the panelists will discuss the future of design with young guns, Travis Olson, Jason Rysavy and 3 design chairs, Bernard Canniffe, John DuFresne and Steven McCarthy. All of this will be moderated by Communication Arts' editor, Patrick Coyne.

If that isn't enough to bring you out on a cold night, do it for me. I've been working on this event for several months and it has been a labor of love.

Go to www.AIGAMinnesota.org and click on the Evolvedesign link to find out more info and register today!

Hulk Poster

As many of you know, most of my clients are larger creative agencies. This means I often don't get to see the final product because I'm not handling the print or production. A long time ago I worked on a poster for Target that promoted their Hulk toys to coincide with the movie release. Just yesterday I received this image.

Pretty cool stuff.