Friday, November 18, 2011

Shopping Fun

Bright colors and cartoony silhouettes made these images of people shopping fun to create for OLSONdenali.

Colorado Tourism

Here are some layouts for a print tourism campaign.  I was asked to create the text treatments with the Colorado flag.  I wouldn't say I'm a type design aficionado, but these were fun to work on.

Trains and Busses

It's not everyday we get the opportunity to design graphics for a train and bus wraps.  It was a treat to actually see these run around town.

Earned Income Tax Credit

This is a snapshot of a binder cover we designed and illustrated for the Northwest Area Foundation.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Store Mock-ups

Schwartzrock Graphic Arts primarily works with other, larger creative agencies... bringing their ideas to life.  When my client came to me with this idea, I thought he was crazy.  Many of you recall what the final version looked like in the store, but I thought you might like seeing the first round idea.  Crazy ideas are sometimes the best ideas. (:

10' x 20' Banner

This banner is for a live event used as both signage and a backdrop.  It is nice to work with vector art when a file is going to get that large.  We love Illustrator.

Fan Bingo

This was a clever game idea that never made it past the first round... but it's so fun, I had to show it.

Believe It Logo

Here's a mark that was used for a sales conference.  These type of logos live primarily on a projected screen so they don't need to be as versatile as a corporate brand mark.  These projects give us a little more freedom to add some visual bling.

Race Car Concepting

Schwartzrock Graphic Arts primarily supports larger creative agencies bring their ideas to life.  Below are some tight sketches we created to sell an idea.  These were a lot of work, but nothing compared to what the final art 20 feet high and 100+ feet long would be. (:

Professor Perk

For one of our clients we develop characters and build them to be animated in Flash.  This old guy was a lot of fun.


Don't even ask.

More Fun and Games

Here's some quick images of some Flash-generated games we've worked on.  This is just too much fun.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Icons or Illustration?

So are they icons or illustrations? Some of the most exciting work is the kind that marries design with illustration. These are very iconic in nature, but at the same time, they're illustrative and can tell a little story. We like to straddle the line between design and illustration here at SGA (we're edgy like that) because both disciplines inform the other and can create fun new ways of representing the world around us.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Recently we were asked to help a local agency convey a timeline of possible events that help influence a sales decision.  Marty Harris and I worked the weekend to crank out this piece.  I've had to strip it of logos and such before I could post it here, but I think you'll get the picture.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fargo Brewery Logo Design

Take a look at the logo we created a while back for the Fargo brewery. The packaging was designed by Matt Charpentier (Charpie) at Chalk: a website and app development company.