Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cardinal Masthead

My friend, Kurt Kolka, has been drawing The Cardinal both in both comic book and serial strip formats since 1990. If you're interested in a Christian superhero who flies around in a red bird outfit, you can follow his exploits here.

He's working on a new printed collection and asked me to redesign his masthead. I couldn't resist.

1 Logo, Several Options

I recently worked on a logo design for a company that safeguards businesses against catastrophe. It's not always possible, but I like it when I can tell a small story about a company with the logo. Often times it is a struggle because a logo needs to be simple and iconic. This logo system for BounceBack Solution offers a single logo with several options. I envision using these alternative marks on business cards and animated on the website.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I must concede that the previous posts do not hold the title for the "World's Most Expensive Business Card." I was forwarded to this YouTube video for proof.

I laughed out loud.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

World's Second Most Expensive Business Card

Here's another business card hot off the letter press. I've worked with Jonathan Wiese for many years. He's the best kind of client... one of my best friends. It took me several refinements to get this logo just right, but now I can see it was well worth it.

Jonathan wanted his business card to be unique and pull double duty. On one side it is a traditional card. Turn it over and it unfolds into a mini brochure!

Even though this piece is letterpressed with 3 colors and a diecut, it still was cheaper to print than the cards in the previous post. However, if you add in the design costs, it should probably share 1st place. (:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

World's Most Expensive Business Card

Blackwood Management Group is a new business that has just qualified as the best client of all time. Let me explain.

When we were exploring their stationery items, I showed them stainless steel business cards. A vendor on the west coast offered them at roughly $1.50 each. My client fell in love with the idea of metal cards. Right before sending the art file off to be produced, I learned that their etching process wouldn't work with my design. Apparently if graphics on the back and the front overlap, you'll get a knockout. Disappointed, I showed my client a very beautiful letterpress option on metallic paper with the same diecut... at only a $1 per card. (: Undaunted, my client found a vendor from London who offered a thicker-steel option making our design possible. With a price tag of $3 per card, I did my best to steer them towards the still crazy-expensive letterpress option. But they wouldn't budge.

Even though I think they are a little insane, I'm thankful to be holding the most beautiful and expensive card I've ever designed in my career.