Thursday, February 5, 2009

Smarty Pants

One of my favorite clients contacted me and needed some really quick art. She needed some animated characters on the theme of smart people. I was able to meet her deadline with these three.

More Comic Work

As you might remember from an earlier post, since I worked as a full time comic book artist in 2005, I'm now the "expert" comic guy for my professional clients. Here's a playful internal promotion where I needed to create recognizable likenesses of various employees. I can honestly say caricature is an art, and I'm not the master. But, I think these come close to the target.

It's been a while since I've needed to ink with a brush so I was glad to have this project to keep me from getting too rusty. Jonathan Koelsch supplied the colors. Be sure to click on the images to view the detail.

Mod Squad meets Men In Black

Here's an image I created for an operations team promotional logo/badge. I was just asked to create the people art... the art director finished the logo part.

DVD Cover Redesign

Recently I had a nice change of pace and was able to redesign the DVD packaging for an animation series. I focused on creating a cover template that would work well both on a shelf and on Amazon since these are the two main marketplaces. To do so, I kept the design bold and clearly legible while eliminating the various violators the previous packaging wore. To make this work, I needed to redesign their existing logo. The old mark, like the old packaging, had over time attracted more and more unnessasary detail until you could barely read it.

I'm showing here how a full color image works with the template as well as an image that turns the background into a duotone. Either way, I think the template holds up.