Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Graphic Novel

As you may be able to tell from recent posts, I've been rummaging through my office storage. I'm noticing I have 4 or 5 boxes of the ArmorQuest graphic novel I illustrated years ago (written by the brilliant Ben Avery). It's black and white at roughly 160 pages. I've given up all hope of making money off of these books, so if you would like a free copy, please send me an email request. Include your address of course and $2 to cover postage.

Wehmann Catalog

More blasts from the past. Jason Rysavy of Catalyst Studios asked me to create a bunch of icons for his client's catalog. His talented designers put them together to create this fun and unique piece.

First Logo Book

Early in our marriage (and my career), my wife and I decided to intentionally choose a city to spend our adult lives in... instead of staying in Minneapolis simply by default. We loved the West and picked Spokane, Washington as our perfect place. Not too small, not too large and close to the mountains.

I created this promotional piece to find work in Spokane. It worked well and I eventually found myself at the best design shop in town, Anderson Mraz Design. Even though we moved back to Minneapolis a year later (go figure), we kept fond memories of Spokane and a wonderful mentor, John Mraz.

Blackwood Brochure

As you know, I've been helping Blackwood Management Group with their business tools. Here's some pictures of their overview brochure. This piece is meant to be tucked inside a custom portfolio but that hasn't been finished yet.