Monday, April 11, 2011

Audrey Axt

I'm pleased to announce that Audrey Axt has joined SGA. Take a look at her work at!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Chronicles Media

This logo is for a graphic novel publisher for a line of comics focused on historical stories.

2011 Baseball Ad

Again I get to work with Jason Miller and David Schwen to help create the back-of-the-program ads for Target Field. These fun ads are really games you can play with your neighbor while at the game. Cedric Hohnstadt helped me out with the ink work. Look for more in this series.

Embark Icons

Here's the latest series of icons created for Target's Embark duffel bag packaging.

New CCS Logo

Recently, I was asked to create a mark for a private Christian school in Wilmar, MN. We wanted to create a mark that could serve as a corporate mark for the school as well as a athletic mark for their various sports programs.

Here's the other marks presented.

New Kingswood Logo

Just outside of Mound, MN is a camp and retreat center that is a real gem. Kingswood in a beautiful area on the border of Minneapolis suburbs and country. It's amazing how remote this place feels while being relatively convenient to get to.

Logolounge Volume 6

A while back I blogged about judging for LogoLounge's latest collection. Well, it's finally published and on book shelves at your favorite bookstore. Even though I wasn't able to vote for any of my work, I still was fortunate enough to get 25 marks in the book.