Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A funny Process

Al Hovland was my first professional employer. He was a partner in an advertising agency in Fargo, ND. Recently, he asked me to create a new mark for his company. What's interesting about this isn't so much the logo, but rather the process.

When we discussed the look and feel of the logo, he said he wanted something classy and respectful. His tagline was "Creative Marketing Solutions". Using my recent exposure to branding, I probed further. I asked what three words would describe himself. He mentioned, "humorous, creative, unique". I then suggested we should look at some ideas that reinforce those words. He agreed.

While I worked I realized the answer was to simply recreate our conversation visually... start with a respectful logo and "edit" it into a creative one. I'm amazed at how much this mark reflects Al's personality.

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Gary Hussey said...

excellently done. Did he use it?