Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Comic Book Masthead

Since I'm a partner in Community Comics, a Christian comic book studio/publisher, I still am involved in various projects. Ben Avery has written a great story about Jesus' crucifixion through the eyes of the two thieves hanging next to him. The art is beautifully rendered by Noel Paolo Libunao, an artist from the Philippines. I was asked to create a masthead design for the story which I'm showing below as well as in context of the cover design. This book is available from WOWIO and later in print form through the CommunityComics.com website.

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Tim Baron said...

You are a typographical pro. perhaps you could blog a bit sometime on your process of designing a logo, choosing a font, deciding on a direction of type treatment, how you arrive at a certain icon within the logo, choose a color etc.

For some reason I just don't take naturally to typography.

Excellent stuff here.