Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LogoLounge 9 Award

LogoLounge will publish 20 logo designs by Schwartzrock Graphic Arts in it's 9th volume!

LogoLounge, the online logo database offering designers a compendium of reference material for identity design, has selected the work of Schwartzrock Graphic Arts (SGA) to appear in its latest book, LogoLounge Volume 9.

With more than 22,000 logos entered for consideration, 20 of those submitted by SGA have been chosen by an international panel of judges.

"In my opinion, LogoLounge is the king of logo book collections and we are super excited to have so many marks chosen to appear in their next publication," Schwartzrock comments. "As I look at the 20 marks they selected, I'm struck by the diversity of clients we serve: Bamboo paper products, men's fashion blog, agricultural chemicals, air quality lab, industrial fans, radio show, church, construction company, children's app, comic book, hospital, and granola bars!"


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