Sunday, January 25, 2009

Color Variations

This post is a continuation from the previous one. Here's the latest direction for the annual report cover illustration. We've settled on basic content, but gone back and forth on the color pallet. As I look at all of these variations, it's amazing to me how much of an emotional effect color can make. Which one do you prefer?

Be sure to click on each image for a closer view.


Marilyn said...

I feel like I'm looking a different times of the day. I'm seeing sunrise, twilight, sunset, noonday, and nighttime.

I would say, if there is going to be any text on the cover use the first one as I think it's lower contrast will make the text more readable. If no text then I like the last one as it's the most energetic and eye-catching to me.

Jeff said...

Love these! Beautiful!