Friday, June 27, 2008

Alzheimer's Flash Cards

I just finished these illustrations for a series of Alzheimer care flash cards. I have a difficult time defining the difference between my logo/icon work and the kind of illustration I do. What would you consider these images: icons or illustrations?


Cedric said...

Interesting question. I think they can be both. In my mind, whether something is an icon or an illustration isn't just defined by the visual style but also by the function/context. On a box of oatmeal the Quaker guy is an icon, but put that same portrait in a frame and it's an illustration.

You've got a real gift for simplifying ideas and concepts into simple, iconic shapes, which allows you to cross over easily between the worlds of illustration and graphic design. Your style is just too awesome to fit in one neat little category.

Tim Baron said...

Wow, these are beautiful. I'd say they're iconic illustration. Your style is so flowing. Great work.

Marilyn said...

It's like the square and the rectangle. An icon is a type of illustration and illustrations can use icons.

I think of an icon as typically representative of a singular concept, idea, or object while an illustration can encompass multiple concepts, ideas, objects, etc.

I would think as a designer you typically make use of icons when creating logos. As an illustrator icons can be helpful to communicate messages but I don't think you limit yourself to icons. I think you have a knack for creating icons though and of finding ways to use them illustratively that most people don't see. And that's a good thing.