Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Something different

I've noticed that I haven't published a blog in over a month. January has been a busy month with a lot of work from Target. I've been helping to create various elements for their Speed Racer and Hulk movie promotions... which I can't show until after the movies come out later this year. While we wait, here's a recent project that has been fun.

I was asked recently to create some illustrations with icons of recyclable items for a publication promoting Dakota County's recycling program. The initial cover image (above) was the first hurdle. Once we got approval on this image, I moved onto the chapter illustrations below which focus on categories of recycling. Scott Shore, owner of Lure Design (www.LureDesign.net) gave me some great art direction and will finish the pages with his graphic design details.


Marilyn said...

Technical question. Out of curiosity, how did you create the objects (or icons) you used to create the clipping masks? Do you draw them on paper and scan then manipulate in Photoshop or did you start with a type of clip art? I'm always wondering how much actual drawing designers do since I can't actually draw (no thanks to my husband).

Sherwin Schwartzrock said...

Hi Marilyn!

I started out with pencil sketches and scanned them. I played with composition of the tree using the pencil roughs as fpo. Once I was happy with the rough layout, I printed the composition out and re-rendered the tree in pencil. After scanning in that image, I used it as a template and created the shapes in Adobe Illustrator. I then use the shapes as a mask for the photos. Illustrator CS2 is great for seeing what essentially are Photoshop effects... but without the lag time.


Cedric said...

Beautiful work! Clever concept, too. Sherwin, you never cease to amaze and inspire.

Anonymous said...

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